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Over a period of more than twenty-five years we have developed a process of personal development to assist executives, managers, and specialists who are faced with a rapidly changing work environment. This process has been perfected and successfully implemented through application in different company environments.
The Self Steering in Turbulences method helps those who apply it to effectively deal with two questions, which they have to face in a rapidly changing environment and while they are under pressure and somewhat destabilised.
  How to adapt oneself effectively in such circumstances and to overcome the fear of the unknown?
  How to manage activities, projects and teams effectively in such a context?
To facilitate the implementation of S.S.T. :
  We assist people and teams to identify and develop their innovative potential within their working environment.
  We help managers to facilitate individual and team innovation so that individual and group objectives are met effectively.
This method provides the tools for individuals and teams to react quickly and develops the "helicopter vision". So, we called it :
Implementation of S.S.T >>>
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