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  MBTI - Steps 1 and 2 - is an internationally recognised method. Created in USA, it has been applied world-wide for more than forty years. We are certified to MBTI step 1; to MBTI 2 and in MBTI Team-Building by OPP, UK. This method allows us to :
    Understand who we are and how we function when dealing and working with others
    Understand and take in account the various ways in which people differ around the world
    Develop powerful creative team synergies
    The MBTI Report 2 gives an accurate, in-depth and personalised feed-back on our particular talents and potentials for development: it's a very good key to unlocking a complex message about ourselves.
The true value of this model is that it can also give valuable feed-back on our emotional intelligence. Our personality and emotional intelligence are interdependent factors, especially in the work environment. So , a special form of MBTI connects the emotional intelligence to the four other MBTI dimensions : the Type Differentiation Indicator or T.D.I. . In this Indicator , the emotional intelligence dimension is a seven-scaled one. The TDI yields 27 scales grouped in four blocks corresponding to the four familiar MBTI preferences indexes .
  The OCI - Organizational Character Instrument applies MBTI across the entire organisation. Organizations differ from one another, just as people do. The process used to identify an Organizational Character is the same as that used in MBTI. By applying OCI, the main features of the organization's character are identified: specifically its strengths and areas for development.
In today's fast changing world of mergers and global transformation, the more we understand about the way an organization functions and how to improve and develop it, the more effectively the organization will work. The Organizational Character Instrument helps organizations to focus on efficiency: finding better solutions and implementing them more quickly.
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